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Unlock the future of heavy equipment protection with OKUSLIDE®. With over 45 years of experience in the production of engineering materials, we deliver the highest quality products for your liner needs. Our tailor-made high-tech polymers have become the backbone of industries like road and infrastructure, redefining the standards for liners worldwide.

Experience the unmatched durability and performance that OKUSLIDE® liners offer, ensuring your equipment remains in prime condition for longer. Discover how OKUSLIDE® can elevate your equipment’s efficiency and longevity. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionise your business – inquire about OKUSLIDE®’s cutting-edge products now.


  • Dump Truck Liner
  • Tip Truck Liner
  • Utility Truck Liner
  • Spreader Truck Liner
  • Landscaping Truck Liner
  • Bulldozer Bucket Liner

OKUSLIDE® liners deliver invaluable solutions across a spectrum of applications in the roads and infrastructure industry – from Dump Truck Liners to Tip Truck Liners, Utility Truck Liners to Spreader Truck Liners, and Bulldozer Bucket Liners. Our liners are crafted from highly wear-resistant PE-UHMW to enhance the longevity and performance of diverse machinery. With our low-friction liners, you can replace metals or non-ferrous metals in many applications, saving weight and energy and ensuring enhanced operations. Our comprehensive product portfolio and cutting-edge treatment and moulding processes make us a go-to supplier for demanding products in the road and infrastructure industry.


Installing OKUSLIDE® liners for road and infrastructure equipment is a technical process that offers a seamless fit for a wide range of machinery used in the transport and handling of materials. Whether you’re working with dump trucks, excavators, or conveyor systems, OKUSLIDE® liners can be easily fitted by our experience body builders to both new and existing equipment, ensuring precision and efficiency in your operations. Our liners come in customisable dimensions tailored to your specific requirements, providing robust protection against wear and abrasion, enhancing the longevity of your valuable assets.

For added convenience, OKUSLIDE® offers support through our network of expert installers who can visit your job site to install liners in various equipment, catering to the unique needs of our clients. This commitment to our seamless installation process and durability makes OKUSLIDE® liners a trusted choice in the road and infrastructure industry, simplifying maintenance and preserving the integrity of your equipment.

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Other Industries

Correct blend of road base consists of 20mm crushed rock and highly compact able fine particles, causing hang up and flow promotion issues when tipping.
In the competitive mining industry every minute counts, and OKUSLIDE® withstands even the most demanding schedule.
Transporting dry materials which are powdery or granular are perfectly suited for OKUSLIDE®.
Excavator buckets, loaders and dozers are often in contact with wet and sticky products. OKUSLIDE® liners transform them into a non-stick surface.
Transporting grain one day then agricultural lime the next demands a clean workforce. OKUSLIDE® is FDA approved and ready to work for you.


OKUSLIDE® stands out because it is produced in Germany with rigorous quality control. Other products in the market may originate from different global plants, resulting in varying quality control standards and batch variations.

OKUSLIDE® specialises in tailored solutions. So, yes, you can order customised liners for your equipment from OKUSLIDE®. To help you with your specific needs and requirements, we can customise liners to fit your various equipment sizes and types, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

OKUSLIDE® liners are built for longevity. You can dramatically increase the wear life compared to a steel body trailer and potentially up to four times the lifespan of an aluminium tray in the road and infrastructure industry, offering durable protection for years, even in demanding working conditions.


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