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Loading and unloading of such materials entails potential hazards to both operators’ and tippers’ dump boxes. In order to avoid any potential hazards, your tipper linings should be slippery to dump materials easily when they are tipped. Using OKUSLIDE®’s tipper body liners makes the job easy and effective, reducing downtime and excessive damage maintenance to the dump body.

Benefits of OKUSLIDE®’s Tipper Body Liners

Wear and Abrasion Resistance: Frequent loading and unloading of road base and other industrial materials can wear your tipper beds. OKUSLIDE®’s tipper bed liners are designed to provide excellent wear and abrasion resistance, protecting your tipper beds for longer use.

Superior Durability and Toughness: OKUSLIDE® uses high-quality and industry-proven materials in its bed liners. Our bed liners are known for their superior durability and toughness in any given working condition, like wet, dry sun, or extreme cold.

Increased Safety: Safety is a prime concern in heavy-duty logistics. If you lack liners for your equipment, it can become a serious safety hazard in tipping operations. OKUSLIDE®’s tipper bed liners are designed keeping safety features in mind. They provide a minimum friction coefficient, which makes the unloading of materials hassle-free for workers. Streamlined unloading of materials from tipper beds also helps to avoid rollovers and tipping, which further ensures the safety of your staff.

Improved Efficiency in Unloading: Unloading concrete, road base, and other bulk materials can take a significant time, resulting in downtime. When you have sticky bed liners, it takes human effort to clean the debris or other residue. But, OKUSLIDE® tipper bed liners ensure seamless and effortless unloading, improving the efficiency of your operations.

Long-Term-Use and Cost Savings:Tipper beds are constantly subjected to materials with high friction coefficient, which results in premature wear of tipper beds. Using OKUSLIDE®’s durable tipper bed liners will protect the integrity of tipper beds. This way, you can use your existing vehicle for a longer period and also cut on excess maintenance costs of tipper beds.

Lightweight: OKUSLIDE®’s tipper bed liners are made using lightweight materials. They do not add significant weight to your vehicles, reducing the need to adjust the weight of loads to accompany the standard weight protocols for tippers. So, you do not have to make extra rounds on the same job, which can be the case if bed liners result in added weight on the vehicle.

OKUSLIDE® (Tough Blue 5874)

Experience the luxury of unloading bulk materials with our premium tipper bed liner, OKUSLIDE® Tough Blue 5874. Years of industry and product knowledge have gone into the manufacture of Tough Blue 5874 so that customers can enjoy the benefits of a premium bed liner, such as excellent unloading, wear and impact protection, improved shelf life, and easy installation.


You do not need a deep knowledge of OKUSLIDE® bed liners to fit them on your vehicles; as our diverse network of expert installers will handle it for you. We can also provide our bed liners in easy-to-roll coils. Whether it’s a brand new liner you need applied to your machinery, or simply an upgrade, we have you covered.

Our OKUSLIDE®’s tipper body liner product will enhance your businesses productivity, and drastically improve the longevity of your assets.

Other Applications

When it comes to protecting your trailer bed, OKUSLIDE®’s trailer bed liners are the perfect solution.
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Introducing the ultimate defence for your dump truck’s invaluable cargo area – our Dump Truck Bed Liners!
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Asked Questions

Yes, you can use OKUSLIDE®️ tipper bed liners on tipper beds of varying dimensions. Our tipper bed liners can be installed to your equipments bespoke bed requirements.

OKUSLIDE® bed liners are designed to last longer than most bed liners on the market. Our premium bed liners, OKUSLIDE® Tough Blue 5874 and OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue 5893 are the results of extended industry knowledge and practice. They are known for their toughness and durability in any working condition.

Yes, you can use OKUSLIDE® bed liners in extreme weather conditions. Whether the extremely low temperature is your concern or dry, wet weather, OKUSLIDE® products will not let you down.

Many bed liners can succumb to chemical damage or other potentially damaging substances. Our products exhibit unrivalled abrasion, wear, and damping resistance. Additionally, OKUSLIDE® products are also UV-resistant, so you do not have to worry about your bed liners turning bad for a long time.

OKUSLIDE® bed liners can be fitted to many industry applications, such as construction and agriculture. We understand the need for high-performing bed liners for the effective unloading of bulk materials. We are the answer to various industries looking for efficient unloading solutions.


Book a call back from our experienced team to assist with your questions using the form below.
Book a call back from our experienced team to assist with your questions using the form below.