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In the rugged and unforgiving world of mining, equipment reliability is paramount. OKUSLIDE® bed liners, brought to you by OKULEN®, are the solution that ensures your mining operations run smoothly. Our bed liners offer unparalleled durability and protection, preventing wear and tear on your valuable equipment.

With OKUSLIDE®, you’ll experience increased equipment longevity, reduced maintenance costs, and streamlined material handling. Don’t compromise on the efficiency and safety of your mining operations—explore the transformative benefits of OKUSLIDE®today.


  • Articulated Haul Truck bed Liner
  • Vibrating Conveyor screen Liners
  • Excavator bucket Liner
  • Loader bucket Liner
  • Crusher chute liner
  • Dump Trucks Bed Liners
  • Bulldozer liner plates

OKUSLIDE® bed liner’s versatility shines in the mining industry. From heavy-duty haul trucks to crushers and bulldozers, our bed liners act as armour, defending against abrasive wear and significantly extending their lifespan. Vibrating conveyor systems glide smoothly with the OKUSLIDE®, ensuring uninterrupted material screening. Excavators and loaders benefit from reduced maintenance, as our liners shield against impact damage and material sticking.

Crusher chutes operate efficiently, thanks to OKUSLIDE®’s slick surface that prevents build-up. OKUSLIDE® safeguards dump trucks, reducing maintenance costs and extending plant operation life. With OKUSLIDE®, your bulldozers maintain their work face and efficiency, even when handling challenging materials in the mining environment. With OKUSLIDE® bed liners, your mining operations stay efficient and cost-effective.


Experience a hassle-free installation process with OKUSLIDE® liners for your mining equipment. Our dedicated team have a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the mining industry, ensuring a seamless liner fit for your mining equipment, whether it’s brand new or an upgrade.

With our robust material we deliver a precise fit that guarantees a durable seal, offering optimal protection for your valuable mining equipment. Trust OKUSLIDE® bed liners to elevate your mining operations with ease and confidence, while ensuring the longevity of your machinery.

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Other Industries

Correct blend of road base consists of 20mm crushed rock and highly compact able fine particles, causing hang up and flow promotion issues when tipping.
Construction and building material haulage can be extremely sticky and abrasive. With an OKUSLIDE® installation it doesn’t have to be.
Transporting dry materials which are powdery or granular are perfectly suited for OKUSLIDE®.
Excavator buckets, loaders and dozers are often in contact with wet and sticky products. OKUSLIDE® liners transform them into a non-stick surface.
Transporting grain one day then agricultural lime the next demands a clean workforce. OKUSLIDE® is FDA approved and ready to work for you.


OKUSLIDE® provides a robust physical barrier against abrasion and material sticking, extending the lifespan of your mining equipment and reducing maintenance costs.

Yes, OKUSLIDE® bed liners are available in different thicknesses and can be tailored to fit various mining equipment types, ensuring maximum protection.

OKUSLIDE®’s resilience reduces wear and tear on mining equipment, decreasing maintenance costs and boosting operational efficiency.


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