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Technology has revolutionised the excavation industry over the years. What you seek to revolutionise your excavation projects today is OKUSLIDE®’s cutting-edge liners. Our company specialises in producing high-performance bucket liners tailored for the excavation industry.

Discover the remarkable advantages of OKUSLIDE®’s liners in the excavation industry. Our products offer a proper, non-stick surface that sets us apart. While wear and damage protections are a key feature, our primary advantage lies in minimising material hang-ups and streamlining cleanup, ultimately saving you valuable time.

Now is your time to say goodbye to costly maintenance and downtime, as OKUSLIDE®’s liners enhance the longevity of your machinery. Read more to find out about our liners, especially tailored for the excavation industry.


  • Dump Truck Bed Lining
  • Excavators & Backhoes Lining
  • Bulldozer Bucket Lining
  • Skid Steer Loader Lining
  • Loader Bucket Lining
  • Hauling Trailer Lining
  • Concrete Mixer Lining
  • Pickup Truck Lining

OKUSLIDE®’s liners offer invaluable advantages to the excavation industry by safeguarding equipment, ensuring enhanced longevity and preserving resale value. Our polyethylene liners provide a robust shield, mitigating wear and tear during loading and unloading processes while minimising material wastage due to their excellent non-stick feature.
Their effortless clean-up feature streamlines maintenance, reducing downtime and improving work efficiency. Moreover, the non-stick surface of our liners diminishes the requirement for industrial vibrators and the need to ‘knock’ on buckets while unloading. The use of industrial vibrators and ‘knock’ on buckets can damage the equipment and cause excessive noise in local areas. So, using OKUSLIDE® liners will help you extend machinery lifespan while elevating operational efficiency.


OKUSLIDE® liners can be customised to the exact requirements of your excavation equipment and machinery. OKUSLIDE® liners can be installed on a wide range of excavation equipment, including but not limited to dump truck beds, bulldozer buckets and blades, skid steer loaders, hauling trailer bed, concrete mixer lining, pickup truck liners and more.

Whether it’s ew or old equipment that needs their bed or bucket, OKUSLIDE® is the most cost-effective solution to drastically increase longevity of your beds. Our installation partners across the country can install them quickly and in a cost-efficient manner at your site or factory. Get in touch with us to find our nearest installation partner for you today.

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Other Industries

In the competitive mining industry every minute counts, and OKUSLIDE® withstands even the most demanding schedule.
Construction and building material haulage can be extremely sticky and abrasive. With an OKUSLIDE® installation it doesn’t have to be.
Transporting dry materials which are powdery or granular are perfectly suited for OKUSLIDE®.
Excavator buckets, loaders and dozers are often in contact with wet and sticky products. OKUSLIDE® liners transform them into a non-stick surface.
Transporting grain one day then agricultural lime the next demands a clean workforce. OKUSLIDE® is FDA approved and ready to work for you.


OKUSLIDE® liners are crafted from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) with additives evenly dispersed throughout the material. This meticulous composition results in an enhanced low coefficient of friction, essentially transforming excavator buckets, dump truck beds, and bulldozer buckets into a non-stick surface.

The use of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and carefully selected additives in OKUSLIDE® liners contribute to an exceptionally low surface energy. This specialised blend is designed to prevent cohesive soils or bulk solids from adhering to the liner’s surface, thus reducing wear and erosion over time.

Furthermore, due to its composite nature, OKUSLIDE® liners exhibit a significantly higher elastic limit compared to alloys. This means it can effectively withstand the impact of larger particles and resist permanent deformation, guarding against abrasion and the removal of the parent material.

OKUSLIDE® covers a wide range of industries and has specific liners to fit the needs of the excavation industry. Our liners come in 40 mm thickness for any desired dimension. At OKUSLIDE®, we try to provide liners in a huge spectrum of choices for your application.


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