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In the relentless world of construction, where safety is paramount, and equipment reliability is the heartbeat of success, OKULEN® proudly presents OKUSLIDE® bed liners – a revolutionary solution that isn’t just a choice but a guarantee of unyielding construction operations. With OKUSLIDE®, we prioritise safety improvements, followed by significant reductions in wear and maintenance costs. We’re also enhancing overall efficiency, ensuring your machinery operates at its absolute best.



  • Truck Beds
  • Dump Truck Beds
  • Concrete Mixer Drums
  • Excavator Buckets
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Bulldozer Blades
  • Chutes and Hoppers

OKUSLIDE® premium bed liners offer versatile and durable protection for a wide range of construction applications. Whether you’re transporting materials, working with heavy machinery, or dealing with abrasive loads, our liners have you covered. They safeguard truck beds, extend the lifespan of concrete mixer drums and excavator buckets, and resist wear and tear on dump truck trailers and bulldozer blades. Our liners also enhance material flow in chutes and hoppers, ensuring efficient construction operations. For dependable, long-lasting performance in any construction challenge, trust OKUSLIDE® premium bed liners.


Experience a hassle-free installation process with OKUSLIDE® liners for your construction equipment. Our dedicated team possesses a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the construction industry, ensuring a seamless fit for your equipment, whether it’s brand new or in need of an upgrade.

Our network of expert installers can also come directly to your mining site, minimising downtime and disruptions.

With our robust material, we deliver a precise fit that guarantees a durable seal, offering optimal protection for your valuable construction equipment. Trust OKUSLIDE® bed liners to elevate your operations with ease and confidence while ensuring the longevity of your critical assets.

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Other Industries

Correct blend of road base consists of 20mm crushed rock and highly compact able fine particles, causing hang up and flow promotion issues when tipping.
In the competitive mining industry every minute counts, and OKUSLIDE® withstands even the most demanding schedule.
Construction and building material haulage can be extremely sticky and abrasive. With an OKUSLIDE® installation it doesn’t have to be.
Excavator buckets, loaders and dozers are often in contact with wet and sticky products. OKUSLIDE® liners transform them into a non-stick surface.
Transporting grain one day then agricultural lime the next demands a clean workforce. OKUSLIDE® is FDA approved and ready to work for you.


OKUSLIDE® bed liners provide crucial protection against wear and tear, extending the lifespan of equipment like dump truck beds and excavator buckets. They also minimise material buildup in chutes and hoppers, ensuring smooth operations.

Yes, OKUSLIDE® bed liners can be installed across all types of construction industry truck body. Steel or Aluminium body, even with rock ribs.

OKUSLIDE® bed liner is often chosen as a way to extend the life of your body. If you’re approaching a point where the truck body will need to be re-skinned. OKUSLIDE® can be installed over the top of your existing worn skin and further extend its life. Your truck can be assessed as any of our network of installers across Australia.


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