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Do you worry about the contamination and potential damage to your vehicle? It’s time to transform your unloading experience. Introducing our reliable UHMWPE bed liners, designed to offer you a seamless unloading experience. With enhanced safety, efficiency, and convenience, our bed liners protect your vehicle, extend its lifespan, and offer peace of mind. Say goodbye to frustration and embrace a seamless unloading process with OKUSLIDE®.

Effortless Unloading: Quick and Clean Slide-Off Experience Say goodbye to the difficulty and danger of unloading bulk materials and enjoy a smooth and effortless slide-off experience with the retrofitted OKUSLIDE® liner. Integrated additives ensure excellent sliding properties, saving you time and effort.

All Weather Reliability: Exceptional Performance in all Australian weather conditions, so you can rely on OKUSLIDE® bed liners nation-wide. The liner’s good mechanical properties remain unaffected by most weather conditions. Unload with confidence and reliability, no matter the temperature.

Comprehensive Support: Assistance Every Step of the Way Benefit from a complete system package that goes beyond just the liner. Our dedicated team provides customer support, material development, design, and installation services. Experience a hassle-free process with guidance tailored to your specific needs

Tailored Measurement Options: We offer versatility for different applications. We can install our liners to the bespoke measurements of your bed.

Enhanced Lifespan: Protect Your Vehicle Bed Shield your bed from wear and damage caused by unloading bulk materials. Extend the lifespan of your vehicle with the durable OKUSLIDE® bed liner. Preserve the integrity of your truck bed for long-lasting performance

Peace of Mind: Reliable and Consistent Performance You can rest knowing that you have a trustworthy solution that enhances the safety and efficiency of your unloading process. The lining material has consistent and reliable sliding properties from top to bottom.

Transform Your Unloading Experience with OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue 5893 UHMWPE bed liner. Bid farewell to time-consuming unloading and potential damage to your vehicle. Embrace a seamless and effortless unloading experience.

Experience the ease and peace of unloading. Consult our team for the right choice and seamless installation.



OKUSLIDE® (Premium Blue 5893 Truck Bed Liner)

Rest assured, our dedicated team ensures that OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue FN5893 is produced under strict quality control in Germany. Experience the ease and efficiency of unloading with our top-of-the-line solution. Upgrade your unloading process today with OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue FN5893.


Experience the ultimate convenience with OKUSLIDE® UHMWPE Plastic bed liners. We offer this premium product as a continuous coil. Our liners can be easily fitted to any dumper truck, from our installers across the country. With the support of our expert fitters, we can guarantee a perfect fit to your machineries beds.

We have a nationwide network of installers who can install onsite. With OKUSLIDE® UHMWPE Plastic bed liners, you can drastically improve the productivity and longevity of your assets. Enjoy a quick and cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for expensive aluminium or steel sheet welding. Upgrade your bed with confidence using OKUSLIDE® plastic bed liners.

Other Applications

When it comes to protecting your trailer bed, OKUSLIDE®’s trailer bed liners are the perfect solution.
Are you in the market for a truck liner? Look no further than OKUSLIDE®.
Introducing the ultimate defence for your dump truck’s invaluable cargo area – our Dump Truck Bed Liners!
Tipper dump boxes are exposed to heavy and bulky materials on a regular basis.
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Asked Questions

While both options have their advantages, UHMWPE bed liners offer unique benefits. OKUSLIDE® bed liners provide excellent skid resistance and effectively conceal pre-existing dings and dents. They can be installed over damaged/worn tipper body. They are relatively easier to install and more affordable when compared to spray-on liners.

While Spray-on liners wear away after the first tip, OKUSLIDE® is thick and lasts up to 4x longer than the Aluminium parent material. Where a spray works for a particular product, OKUSLIDE® does not stick to anything from wet sticky product to dry powdery product. If you value cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and superior skid resistance, a UHMWPE bed liner may be the ideal choice for your truck.

Cleaning a truck bed liner is typically as simple as cleaning a regular truck bed.

Yes, OKUSLIDE® solves all your adhesion problems on loaders, slides, hoppers, and bunkers, in addition to providing high-quality bed liners. Whether you need assistance with loaders, slides, hoppers, or bunkers, OKUSLIDE® has you covered. Feel free to contact us for more information and details on our extensive range of products within the OKULEN® lineup.

No, OKUSLIDE® Premium Blue 5893 is not approved for transporting asphalt. While it offers exceptional performance for various applications, it is important to note that this specific product is not suitable for asphalt transportation. We recommend exploring HOTLINER PREMIUM RED 3544 within the range for your specific asphalt hauling needs. Please reach out to our team for guidance on the most appropriate liner for your requirements.


Book a call back from our experienced team to assist with your questions using the form below.
Book a call back from our experienced team to assist with your questions using the form below.